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Agile And Robust Tool for Quality Tracking

  • Matkuna is a name of the bug in Sanskrit.
  • MatkunaQTC is a Cloud-based Bug Tracking tool.
  • We can track the progress of issues for multiple projects.
  • It also saves information about all issues in a database.
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High level Features of Matkuna

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Matkuna QTC Project Demo

Matkuna QTC is the boon to the organizations to raise and track the issues in the organization. Organizations can use Matkuna QTC to raise and/or track the issues in their project. This page gives the brief about Matkuna and it’s working process.

Matkuna QTC is the high quality cloud based bug tracking tool with low cost and there is no maintenance cost and It takes less time to raise an issue (in less than a minute).

Matkuna QTC supports managers and project leads to track and resolve all the issues in their project depending upon the priority criteria. It also helps them in work allocation.It has been over a year since we released Matkuna QTC, and this new major release comes with several new features and improvements. .

Our client service team will act as per the requirement of client when the team receive request from client.

Our Einzigartig

Matkuna's Singularities:

Matkuna is the simplest tool for bug tracking available in the market.

Quick Entry enables you to report an issue in less than half minute.

Cloud hosted, anywhere-any time-availability makes it the most promising and reliable tool for tracking product quality.

No installation requirement and maintenance free operation makes it the best suit for any system of any organization.

Low cost of product make it most affordable for any small or mid sized industry.

Being the most light weight tool, the speed to access gives it an edge cover any other tool available.

Matkuna is simple to understand. No major training is required to use the tool. This is a big focus over any tool you may think of.

Security: Matkuna provides the highest level of security to your data

In built Business Intelligence reports feature to understand the quality better, with better visualization and comparison.

Start and forget! Yes, Matkuna does not need any manual effort to maintain your data. Matkuna cloud will have your data to your disposal at all time.

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Every IT organization start up to the named organization needs a bug tracking tool to raise and track the issue. Matkuna QTC tool supports the organizations to fulfill their needs. Matkuna QTC is a cloud based tracking tool with low maintenance cost. Are you looking for a stable, actively maintained, widely adapted bug tracking system? Look no further. Matkuna QTC is for you.

It suitable for small, medium and big sized companies. This premium software is available at Rs. 55,000/- Only

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